SPIDERAs small (or large) as they may be, spiders send chills up the spines of many people. And to think that you may be sharing your home or office with dozens of them at a time can be more than a little unsettling. But you don’t have to stress out when spiders invade your space.

Paramount Pest's professionals apply a proven material around the outside of your home, under siding, in cracks and crevices, around the foundation and overhangs… wherever spiders may hide. Inside we treat cracks, crevices, and voids. Large, persistent spider infestations indoors indicate the presence of a significant number of insects that serves as the spiders’ food. Proper treatment eliminates the spiders’ food source, as well as the nuisance spiders.

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No reputable pest control company can give an estimate to exterminate pests without first inspecting to determine the size and location of the infestation and then determining the most effective treatment method.

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