Got Weeds? Prevent Them With Our Lawn Car Program!


Fertizlizer and Week Control

This is one of the most important steps if you want to obtain a green, lush, and healthy lawn. This process will also make the roots more powerful and your lawn thicker. Fertilization also keeps weeds at bay, nurturing the soil and offering the plants’ roots the energy they need to grow and stay strong in adverse situations.

Lawn Care Program

Here is how our program works. Once the program is set in place, we will notify you before each application. At this point, we can discuss in detail the solution to a problem area in your lawn, if needed. Our Program consists of 6 rounds that will happen between six and eight weeks apart.  Multiple weed treatments keep your lawn weed free all season.  Each round consists of a special blend of micro-nutrients, weed control, and slow release nitrogen to give the soil and plant exactly what it needs for the season.

With our lawn care program, you'll be able to keep your lawn in top Shape!

Early Spring Pre-Emergent

This application aids in preventing annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass and goosegrass, from germinating in your lawn while providing the grass with important nutrients that are necessary for a good spring start-up.

Late Spring

This fertilizer is equipped with a slow release that will allow it to be effective for a longer period of time and not injure the turf, even as the temperatures rise in late spring. Broadleaf weed control, crabgrass preventer, Soil/Plant stimulant, Slow Release Nitrogen blend, Iron.

Grub Control

This application controls grubs in the lawn that cause damage. Many homeowners confuse grub damage as summer heat stress. Broadleaf Control, Soil/Plant Stimulant, Iron, Liquid Aeration.

Summer Iron Fertilizer

This treatment is easy on turf and will not stress it. It helps maintain lush green lawns during the hot, dry months when stress on turf is high. Slow Release Nitrogen Blend, Micronutrient Blend, Iron

Early Fall

This application is to aid turf in recovering from the summer stress by adding a nitrogen-only product. In these prime growing conditions, the fertilizer boosts turf quality and growth while creating a thicker and more vigorous stand of turf. Broadleaf weed control, Slow Release Nitrogen Blend, Micronutrient Blend, Soil/Plant Stimulant.

Late Fall

For this application we apply another nitrogen-only product.  This provides nutrients to the roots over the winter and aids in early spring green up, which produces a thicker lawn and helps crowd out germinating weeds.

Additional Lawn Care Treatments

Insecticide Application

Treatment for certain insects such as grubs that can damage lawns.

Fungicide Application

During high moisture and high humidity lawns can develop many fungus’ that can not only look bad but damage the turf.

Post Emergent Application

Stressed lawns can lead to grassy weeds taking advantage of areas of damaged lawns.  With our post emergent application we can target specific grassy weeds that make lawns less attractive.


A grassy looking weed that can develop anywhere in the lawn.  This weed has a yellow tint to it and can grow twice as fast as the turf.

Biting Pest/Insect Application

From chiggers to ticks and mosquitoes, we can treat your lawn to make sure you are most comfortable after a day of enjoying it.

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